Clients & Services

We work with the following sector and industries:

Government agencies

Fleet acquisition or purchase of turnkey services for the protection and surveillance of strategic assets and positions (e.g. borders, roads, nature areas, crops, forests, etc.)

Aerial image service providers

Acquisition of fleets or individual devices for implementing aerial image services sold to customers (film, mapping, cropping frames, LIDAR, monitoring), with special equipment installed by them or by the company.

Large industrial companies

Acquisition of fleets and / or purchase of turnkey services by large companies or their service providers for real-time monitoring of industrial infrastructures or property and equipment.

NGO & humanitarian organisations

For emergency mapping and rapid movement of equipment or personnel under all conditions without prior knowledge of the terrain and uncommon flexibility in terms of landing conditions.

Private aviation

For all private aviation enthusiasts that want to experience all aspects of modern piloting and enjoy the magic of flying.

Private customers with disabilities

For clients with disabilities and severe health conditions, the « Easy Walk, Easy Fly » enables a unique independent flow from the private vehicle to the drones, and back.

We provide the following services and products

  • Sale and leasing of the "G1 Spyl Easy Fly Aerocontact Electronic Injection Drone" with 15 hours of flight autonomy and a 180-kg payload for an average catalogue price of 185'000 CHF.
  • Maintenance, upkeep and upgrade services for the buyers of individual devices or fleets.
  • Professional aerial services (e.g. surveillance, mapping, LIDAR) with a fleet of proprietary drones and a team of in-house pilots.
  • Intellectual property licenses (software platforms, batches of product content and batches of compiled flight data).
  • Basic and continuous pilot training, project managers and flight controllers, and operational monitoring with training specialists in the aviation sector.
  • Partnership with existing training and certification professionals to ensure a complete offer of the needed education for this industry.
  • Full chain of independent mobility for client with disabilities, based on a lithium-ion powered wheelchair compatible with most private vehicles and our fleet of drones.