Drone RG1R: Anticipating the rising security need for operating unmanned aircraft

Meeting the strict safety and certification requirements of non-segregated airspace regulations is a essential requirement for any new aerial transport project. In that logic, all the current and upcoming composants and parts of G1 Aerocontact Switzerland Drone RG1R to be designed in full complainte with STANAG 467. The fleet will to include the most advanced aviation technologies, such as: coopérative and non-cooperative Detect & Avoid Systems, Train Avoidance Warning System, Automatic Take-off and Landing in near zero visibility, redundant broad bandwidth line-of-sight (LOS) and beyond line-of-sight (BLOS) data link and adverse terrain capabilities with unique STOL capabilities . These technological enhancements allow the aircraft to operate in both visual and instrument meteorological conditions, with its powerful LF 39 D-MOTOR engine with electronic injection enabling higher ceiling and maximum endurance.

Chairman of AEROCONTACT SWITZERLAND SA, Robert Guitton Ropp commented: “Anticipating the rising security need for operating unmanned aircraft in the same environment with civil aircraft enabled us to achieve this breakthrough. We are committed to maintain our approach of technological innovation based on an extensive operational experience and provide our customers with advanced yet mature systems that enhance effectiveness and safety when coping with the evolving world wide security needs.”