G1 AVIATION (France)

Based on the Gap Tallard aerodrome, G1 Aviation produces the G1 SPYL, a Super STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing) aircraft, fully built in France. Designed for extreme conditions, the aircraft combines optimal safety, exceptional visibility and unmatched handling with its foldable wings in just 15 minutes by a single person.


Based in the US, Dynon Avionics is the leading manufacturer of avionics for Experimental and Light Sport aircraft. Dynon produces products such as the SkyView and SkyView Touch glass cockpit system (combination EFIS, EMS, and moving map with synthetic vision and touchscreen), the D6/D60/D10A/D100 EFIS, D10/D120 EMS, FlightDEK D180 (combination EFIS and EMS), as well as ADAHRS, autopilots, transponders, ADS-B receivers, COM Radios, Autopilot Control Panels, Knob Control Panels, and other aircraft equipment.

D-MOTOR (Belgium)

Based on existing and well proven technology, the Belgian company D MOTOR brings to the aerospace and automotive market a unique 4 stroke side valve (flat head) boxer engine is produced to the highest standards, based the latest technology including multipoint fuel injection, electronic ignition and liquid cooling giving a maximum continuous power of 88.8H.P.

DUC Hélices (France)

DUC Hélices is specialized in the manufacture of aeronautical carbon propellers mainly in the field of light aviation, and EASA certified light aviation. DUC Hélices quickly obtained a worldwide reputation, 35 manufacturers and industrial equip their aircraft in first climbs. A full range of propellers was designed to meet all types of aircraft ultralight aircraft from 40hp up to four seats 180hp. Certified ISO 9001:2008, its objectives remain to provide high quality products with excellent aerodynamic and acoustic performance. Very active on the UAV market, DUC Hélices Propellers is able to meet the high requirements to equip a UAV.

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